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Philippemichel are aromatic salts that have been completely aromatic with intense flavours on every single grain. A technique without heat treatments, dyes and preservatives. The first luxury brand that upgrades salt and brings it to its best version goes by the name of Philippemichel and is now available for professionals and individuals who love gastronomy.



Our products quality meets culinary art. Philippemichel products have a distinct Luxury Packaging based on minimalism with an emphasis on the salt grain itself which is imprinted in gold on the box as well as on the product label. Our company's policy is to promote an excellent product accompanied by the proper luxury packaging.


Philippemichel launched in London in 2020 Our purpose was to create a product whose base would be a simple material and we would take it to a higher level with techniques based on culinary knowledge. One of the simplest yet most important ingredients in household and restaurant kitchens is salt. Having this knowledge and doing two years of testing, we managed to make the first aromatic salt on the world market, each grain of salt is flavored and colored with natural methods and without being subject to heat treatments and preservatives. In 2023, the first twelve aromatic salts launched on the Greek market, attracting the attention of the "Who is Who" international awards. In addition of our product quality and impeccable design, also acquires a luxurious look. Since 2024, Philippemichel is established in London, making the products available also to the Great Britain market.



At Philippemichel, our goal was not only to create a brand with aromatic salts, but also to tell the world our story behind our brand giving great importance to the correct creation of identity. Our product name came from the name of the creator's father (Philippe) and the creator (Michel) in French. The gold details have been added to show the importance of salt, salt is like gold for food. And the white background indicates the purity of our raw materials as well as hygiene.


Here you can find some of our special aromatic salts

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