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Philippemichel presents you a salt with Activated Carbon.

But how does a Philippemichel salt differ from the rest on the market?

This particular product was been launched after two whole years of study and testing because our aim was not to promote a simple flavored salt but a product that would capture our true view of gastronomy.

Philippemichel aromatic salts do not contain dyes and preservatives. For us the term gourmet does not correspond to fancy dishes with an expensive raw material but to the correct selection of products, highlighting it with correct cooking techniques.

When opening the package, you will see an aromatic salt in which all natural coloring and absorption of aromas has been applied on every grain.

We suggest that you use the Activated Carbon salt on vegetables, red and white meats, dips and sweets.

We would like to mention that this particular salt does not add any extra aroma but only a different touch to the image of your dish. It is scientifically proven it has beneficial effects for the human body.

Activated Carbon Salt

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